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Add a bit of colour to your helmet with the coloured Hans posts, Available in Red - Blue or Silver. Suitable for fitting to any FIA 8858-2010,FIA 8860-2010 or 2015 approved helmets.   

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Currently in stock and ready for immediate shipping we have the Simpson Revo race suit. The Revo Suit is a lightweight racing suit featuring 3-layer premium fabric for fire protection. The slim cut of the suit translates to effortless comfort behind the steering wheel and the built-in features can help to regulate body temperature and associated stress factors.   FIA approved Strategically placed stretch panels and gussets are non-binding and performance enhancing. Pre-formed, Stretch Elbows allow for almost effortless movement of the arm, helping to reduce fatigue and arrest the sleeve from migrating up your forearm. Stretch Body Panels reduce...

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