Simpson Hybrid Sport

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The Hybrid series are FIA 8858-2010 approved Head and Neck Restraints (FHR). These restraints offer excellent maneuverability, the lowest profile, designed for easily exiting the car without the danger of getting hung up on other gear. Comfort and Safety have been in focus during the development process. All Hybrid devices are supplied with adjustable Sliding tethers. There are two tether options available - Post Anchor or quick release M61. Q/R M61 Post Anchor is supplied with a set of helmet posts which can only be used with 8858-2010 compatible helmets.


The Hybrid Sport is an entry level Frontal Head Restraint. It is 25% lighter than previous Pro Rage model with comfort and safety improved. Composite fiber construction that protects during multi angle impacts. As all Hybrid devices it rests on the shoulders/back keeping the drivers chest and collarbone free.


FIA 8858-2010 Approved