Simpson Hybrid Sport Xsmall Child / Child Head & Neck Restraint

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The Hybrid Sport for junior drivers! Lighter, sleek, modern and appealing with defined wings for seatbelt containment. The sliding tethers and patent pending multi-tether system enhances side to side range of movement and field of vision. The Hybrid Sport Jr. sizes are SFI 38.1 approved. Ideal for parents' peace of mind when children are competing in Autograss, Oval Racing etc.

Each model is available to suit helmets with standard FHR clips (FIA 8858-2002 or FIA 8858-2010 standard or higher) or alternatively with M61 Quick Release tethers and clips (FIA 8858-2010 standard or higher), which allows the driver to release the restraint by a simple pull on the cord attached to the helmet.


  • X-Small Child (4-6 Years), 22-26" adjustment
  • Child (7-9 Years), 22-26" adjustment