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10 FT Air Boss Parachute/Launchers and Packs

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These handmade cross-form four-line design chutes feature Kevlar shroud lines and triple strength stitching on the panels and deployment bags, making the Air Boss the lightest and strongest chute on the market. 
Re-designed nylon outer bags with reinforced webbing offer a perfect fit with reduced stretch fatigue and sagging.
Available in 8ft to deliver enough stopping power for drag cars exceeding speeds up to and over 200 mph
  • Pneumatic Launcher Style
  • Designed for applications where a launcher style chute is necessary
  • Canopy Size: 10' chute.
  • Four Kevlar lines for added protection

Pro Stock @ 2,350 lbs/speed 220 mph use Dual 8 ft Brake Chutes
Pro Mod @ 2,600 lbs/speed 250 mph use Dual 10 ft Brake Chutes